When I ask myself why, I know the answer must be simple. It's like a puzzle, and the more complex your expect the answer to be the longer you ponder it, but no matter how long you ponder your surprise cannot be held back when you see really how simple it was in the first… Continue reading Stationary



Most days I hate my body It's because I know you're looking at it. And you are judging the wrinkles and the folds, Eyeing up all the creases and weird bumps. I know you're looking but not seeing me. Instead you're seeing me naked. Your lustful eyes are probing my delicate skin And I can… Continue reading Bare


I was lying there beneath you, you had your face squashed into the crook of your arm and it seemed that your face fitted there perfectly. In that moment I wondered what it was that you were thinking of...because I was sure it wasn't me. Was it your ex? Or the lover you fucked? With… Continue reading Past

I tried

I began writing a body positive post. It turned into a poem. Then it turned into something ugly. I tried to heal too early. And in the end it just made me feel more broken. I don't want to be broken, but sometimes you can't speed the healing. Healing just takes time. I have kept… Continue reading I tried