I don't need to be yours right now. Like right this minute you need to do you. Do the drinking and the drugs. And be with your boys. Do your stupid car skids and all that which electrifies your soul. Because that is what I am doing. Right now. But, I need to be yours… Continue reading Yours

Without You

I hope you don't read this, because I don't want you to know how much it is that I miss you. Everyday. And every night. You're all that I think about. When I wake, before I sleep. I can't even get through a meal without wandering into a glade of consciousness, an illusion of reality… Continue reading Without You


I was crying, because I felt stupid. This is how you made me feel. I wrote it backwards so I had to focus on every single letter. Even though I was trying really hard I still managed to get some of them wrong... Inscription: I haven't felt so bad in such a long time. I… Continue reading Backwards

Talk to me

Help, Me please? Will you Just talk to me And Let me know. Because I told You that I will waiting. But the pause that Came after Has gone on for weeks And All I need to hear Is that it will It really will Be Worth the wait.

What I Meant When I Said I Like You Enough

There was this moment, on the jetty, when we were staring out at the water. The night was fairly dark, and into the emptiness you asked if I liked you...nervous I feared how I felt. So I went with a soft answer, "I like you enough." I know that moment sits in your mind, maybe… Continue reading What I Meant When I Said I Like You Enough

Committing to Love

I am trying really hard, not to run backwards. Back straight out. Because, I am afraid. That it will happen all over again. And I am not guarded. I am whole hearted. And I have been burnt. But I also don't want to scare you away with the intensity. But I also need to know...… Continue reading Committing to Love


When I ask myself why, I know the answer must be simple. It's like a puzzle, and the more complex your expect the answer to be the longer you ponder it, but no matter how long you ponder your surprise cannot be held back when you see really how simple it was in the first… Continue reading Stationary


Most days I hate my body It's because I know you're looking at it. And you are judging the wrinkles and the folds, Eyeing up all the creases and weird bumps. I know you're looking but not seeing me. Instead you're seeing me naked. Your lustful eyes are probing my delicate skin And I can… Continue reading Bare