Without You

I hope you don't read this, because I don't want you to know how much it is that I miss you. Everyday. And every night. You're all that I think about. When I wake, before I sleep. I can't even get through a meal without wandering into a glade of consciousness, an illusion of reality… Continue reading Without You


I was crying, because I felt stupid. This is how you made me feel. I wrote it backwards so I had to focus on every single letter. Even though I was trying really hard I still managed to get some of them wrong... Inscription: I haven't felt so bad in such a long time. I… Continue reading Backwards

Talk to me

Help, Me please? Will you Just talk to me And Let me know. Because I told You that I will waiting. But the pause that Came after Has gone on for weeks And All I need to hear Is that it will It really will Be Worth the wait.