Beheld in dark arms, Warmth is scarce and unknown. Stoop with your head bent, cower Till he shall come back home.


Live Your Life

"Life had to justify a reason for me to live it, Rather than me having to justify a reason to live my life. Those are two completely different states. One is saying, tell me why you are worthy, And the other is saying, let me show you why I'm worthy. Go out there and justify… Continue reading Live Your Life

This World

I am kind of pissed off at the world right now. And I am really pissed of with this phone app. And all of the other apps. And all the expensive technology. How has it made out lives better? Sure the advances in medical care are brilliant. But the consumerism is just plain ridiculous. Why… Continue reading This World

The Liebster Award Nomination

Brain: Calculating possible status paragraphs that will bring minimal embarrassment Anxiety: WTF! Abort! Abort! Stress: Nope, nope! No can do missy! That lil voice: Just be you, you can do it! Depression: New phone - who dis? Thank you Sapphire Wilson for the gracious nomination. You are extremely kindhearted and I enjoy reading your blog posts.… Continue reading The Liebster Award Nomination

Who I am Right Now

The scars have faded to silvery white lines. My friend even said they don't look like scars at all. But once, they bled. Once I would put my hands in my pockets and trace the straight lines that were raised, inflamed in their healing process. I didn't wear them proudly, I hid them. Though I… Continue reading Who I am Right Now